PROVIDENCEA surveillance video purportedly showing a Lincoln police officer kicking a handcuffed woman in the head as she sat on a curb was played Thursday in the officer’s assault trial. The suspended officer is accused of using excessive force, but his attorney said Krawetz was acting in self-defense. The altercation was recorded by a security camera at the Twin River slot parlor in May 2009.

Self defense huh? From a chick handcuffed and sitting on the ground? Kind of a stretch no? Like I’m usually on the cops side in situations like these. When the suspect doesn’t listen or provokes the cop, but not here. Don’t get me wrong you got to charge this lady for assaulting an officer, but you can’t just go booting her in the head like this. Not in this situation. It’s actually insulting to other cops that this guy would actually try to defend himself with this excuse. You fucked up big time. Now you got to take your medicine like a man.