So I just got off the phone with the Bruins PR director Matt Chmura.  Yup I actually followed up like a real journalist to find out why the B’s took down the signs.    I wanted their official stance on this issue.  According to Chmura the reason they were taken down had nothing to do with the Tampa Bay radio dude Cowhead or whatever his name is.  It had nothing to do with the signs being insulting to Lightening fans.  Instead Chmura said “the B’s marketing department was inundated with death threats and harassing phone calls that legitimately made members of the B’s organization feel threatened for their safety.  And since the B’s care about all their employees and treat everybody as family they made the organizational decision to take down the signs to make these threats stop.”

I asked if the Bruins were following up or reported these death threats to the cops and he said he wasn’t at liberty to discuss that.   I also asked who specifically made the decision to pull the signs and he said that like with all decisions it was an organizational one.  I asked if that meant Cam was in on it and he reiterated it was many people and wanted to concentrate on hockey. So there you have it.  The Bruins are saying there were legitimate death threats made against their employees and they felt threatened.

To be honest it kind of seemed like a cop out and if I read this somewhere else I’d be bashing him into next millennium, but I got to give him credit for calling me back after I called them all pussies.  So while I still think they are pussies for taking them down and I don’t agree with the reason even if it’s true it is what it is.

Cronkite Out