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So ESPN had this huge story on Johnny Manziel today. Great read. Everybody is buzzing about it on the interwebs and rightfully so. Just made me love Johnny Football more than I already did. Like how can you not love this guy? He kind of reminds me of Gronk in a weird way. Just a normal bro trying to live his life exactly how you or I would live it if we were lucky enough to be him. Banging every chick he can, drinking, partying and living it up. In other words being a normal college kid. I’d much rather root for a guy like that then frauds like Peyton Manning. Guy who pretend to be holier than thou. Gimme Johnny Football who is freaking out on people on Twitter. Give me Johnny Football who will rip a bong at a Texas Frat and then bang the hottest coed at the party. Give me Johnny Football’s dad who keeps getting banned on Texas A+M message boards. That’s the guy I want to root for. The guy who is living the dream and not apologizing for it. I don’t want a robot from Alabama who says all the right things. I want the gunslinger. There is a reason Johnny Football is the most talked about college football player of the last 3 decades. There is a reason he has transcended the sport. It’s the same reason people love Gronk. People like guys with real personalities and Manziel has it in spades.