Twitter says Obama’s speech was pretty good but I have no idea because I could not keep my eyes off this broad’s head. Honestly I wasn’t sure how to feel about the election because I’m one of those “they both suck” guys who’s afraid to pick a side. But this just made Obama totally worthwhile. Absolutely lose my shit every time that chick turns her head and you realize the guy behind her isn’t holding that flag, it’s just planted firmly in her weave like Neil Armstrong stuck it there. So stylish. So sleek. Such a great weekend hairdo. 4 more years! 4 more years!

PS – yea I know it’s not time for weekend hairdos just yet but when you’re the kind of broad who sticks a flag in her head and sits directly behind the president then every day is the weekend.

PPS – there’s like a 50% chance that’s the lady from Community or Tracy Morgan’s wife on 30 Rock or literally any other sassy black woman.