How anybody doesn’t want to open up the Sox farm system book for this guy blows my mind. Cherington should just send the Marlins a list of prospects, tell them to make their choices and send Stanton north. Anyone but Bogaerts is fair game. The guy is 24 years old and MASHES. You never know what a prospect is going to turn into but you know what Giancarlo Stanton is. He’s your middle of the line-up power for the next decade. You can even take Henry Owens. Remember when people were weary about sending Casey Kelly for Adrian Gonzalez? Granted, Gonzalez didn’t work out but it’s not like Kelly is going to be the next Curse of the Bambino. Prospects don’t always become what they’re supposed to be, Giancarlo Stanton already is what he’s supposed to be: a terrifying bat and a game changer. Give me him! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!