Yahoo – A group of high school students in Pekin, Ill., were suspended last week after school officials suspected the mints they were eating were actually illegal drugs. Jason McMichael, the father of one of the students, told the Journal Star that his 17-year-old son Eric was suspended for two days from Pekin Community High School and not allowed to attend the school’s homecoming festivities after staffers found four students eating energy mint tablets that are marketed like caffeine energy drinks. Eric McMichael said he and three others were eating Revive tablets—touted as “nature’s energy mints”—in the school cafeteria when they were disciplined. “People bring energy drinks to school every day,” the teen told Central Illinois’ WMBD-TV. “I see this every day and we get in trouble for energy mints?”According to, each mint contains 101 milligrams of caffeine along with guarana, green tea, ginseng, acai, mangosteen and goji. The Revive brand is endorsed by several MMA fighters and fitness pageant contestants.McMichael’s father said school officials later admitted they did not know if the chewable, unmarked mints were, in fact, illegal drugs but upheld the suspensions anyway, saying the teens displayed “gross misconduct for taking an unknown product.”"Now they know nothing illegal happened,” McMichael said on Friday, “but they’re still pursuing the suspension.”

Got to love school administrators.  Just doing the damn thing per usual. Like okay I get that they suspended these kids because they thought they were doing drugs. Fine. I guess I can live with that. But then they find out that the kids were telling the truth the entire time. That they were just eating energy pills. No different than drinking a cup of coffee or a red bull. So what does the school do? They suspend them anyway for displaying “gross misconduct by taking an unknown product”. Like that’s really what they said. IE – these kids got suspended because they ate something that is 100% legal but the school had never heard of.

Listen there are only 3 places in the world that you can get away with this type of logic. North Korea, China and the US school system. Those are the only places where right and wrong, logic and reason don’t matter and whatever the person in charge says goes without question. You almost got to tip your cap to school administrators. One of the last true dictatorships in the world.

PS – I need to get me some of these energy mints. I mean if they’re good enough for fitness pageant contestants than they are good enough for me. I’m not even joking. Those motherfuckers always looking like they are on speed or something.