NYMAG – The feather-capped town crier who took to the steps of the Lindo Wing on Monday to holler out the news of the royal baby’s birth was initially believed to be an employee of the royal family. But to our great disappointment, it turns out his role was self-appointed. (We so wanted to believe that the palace’s closets are full of blue-plumed hats and brass handbells for special occasions!) Tony Appleton explained himself to the AP yesterday: “I’m a royalist. I love the royal family,” he said by telephone from Romford, but he acknowledged he had no official royal role. “I came unannounced.” Appleton does have credentials, though: He’s a crier for the towns of Romford and Bury St. Edmunds (he appears at local events like parades), and is also available for private ceremonies like weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs. Some outlets are calling him an imposter, or even a party crasher.

Everybody has been blowing up my email about this. Saying that I got duped by the Town Crier. That the Town Crier was a fraud. That he was fake. Oh no, no, no. The fact that this guy showed up uninvited and still Town Criered the shit out of this moment makes it that much more impressive. Listen anybody can Town Crier when it is handed to them on a silver platter. Nobody handed this guy shit. He walked up and took it. Owned the Royal baby announcement.  Became the Town Crierer of record.  It’s like when Willie Mayes Hayes just showed up at training camp.   Sometimes that’s what you got to do to get noticed.  So I don’t care if he had an official Royal role or not. He does now.  He is the people’s Town Crier forevermore.

PS – Anybody who doesn’t think I’m going to try to fly this guy across the pond to Town Crier for me for a couple days just doesn’t know me at all.