Nice Husband Bro


Seriously I’m sick of it. Democrats ranting and raving about how awesome they are today. Elizabeth Warren and Obama patting themselves on the backs blah, blah, blah. Hey Newsflash idiots. You didn’t win because people like you. You won because the Republican party has been highjacked by religious wackos who think rape is fake and science is witchcraft. That’s why the democrats kicked the Republicans dicks inside out. Because despite how shitty the economy is and how bad the deficit is that all gets overshadowed by the fact that when you look at the other guy you can’t help but think “THAT FUCKING GUY IS CRAY CRAY” Like if people weren’t scared shitless of the Republican party Scott Brown wins in a romp. It had nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren just like Obama winning had nothing to do with Obama. The Republicans and the Tea Party gift wrapped this election to the Democrats because even though the Bible Belt is nuts there are still more rationally thinking people who don’t think lightning strikes means that god is mad at us.