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Dear 5-3-9’s Running Barstool,

My buddy Toby wrote me the email that you posted about Maguire, which I forwarded to some idiots (one of which may have forwarded it to you) to get it on Barstool. I don’t care – except now all of the degenerates reading the article from their mom’s basement don’t think it’s true.  Let me start with the fact that Olivia Culpo not only told ‘GQ’ that she bit on ‘the note game,’ but it was the best pick-up move ever.  Chicks bang funny guys. Look at The Pres….he looks like the white/Jewish version of Seal, and I think he’s married.  

It’s gotta be the shoes,


Here is the link FROM GQ.  (Scoll to the Bottom)

GQ: Do you? What’s the funniest pickup line you’ve heard?

Olivia Culpo: I was at one of my dad’s restaurants in Boston, just sitting there. I got this napkin that said “The Story of Us.” It was a diagram that was divided into like 50 sections—like Us At The Movies, Us Ice Skating, us doing this, us doing that. That was really cute.

GQ: So the key to Miss USA’s heart is a napkin?

Olivia Culpo: Yep, napkins, notes. Be creative.



Well I’ll be damned.  Maybe the Mayan Apocalypse is real after all.   I mean this is nothing short of a stunning development.  I have no other way to put it.  I’m stunned.  The Note Game worked and it worked big time.   Note Game FTW.  I’m only communicating with chicks in notes from now on.  Haters gonna hate, note game gonna slate.