Boston.comNew England’s pro football team won’t be the only one sporting patriotic uniforms this fall. The Boston College football team will wear a special alternate uniform Oct. 27 vs. Maryland at Chestnut Hill as part of Under Armour’s participation in the Wounded Warrior Project. The uniforms feature an American flag theme on the jerseys, helmets, gloves, and cleats. A “core value declaration” such as “honor” or “courage” will be printed on the back of the jerseys instead of player’s names, and the jerseys will be auctioned after the games and the proceeds will go to the WWP.Boston College is one of two schools chosen to wear the patriotic uniforms.

Umm who the hell picked BC to wear patriotic uniforms this year? I mean why don’t you just burn the American flag while you’re at it? Seriously BC is the biggest joke in Division 1 college football. Like if Al Qaeda catches wind of this they’ll invade our ass before night fall. Rule #1 of wearing patriotic uniforms is you should either be Army or be able to beat Army. One or the other.

PS – As I said 5 years ago BC has nobody to blame but themselves for their current mess.  Gene Defillipo brought it all on himself with the arrogant way he handled the Jeff Jagodzinski thing. He couldn’t put his ego aside. He said he’d only hire somebody who was committed to BC for life. Acting like BC was one of the hottest jobs in America. At some point you got to realize who you are. A Tier 2 program that will always attract up and coming coaches that use BC as a stepping stone. The only guys who would ever commit longterm to BC are coaches who can’t do any better. IE – the Frank Spaziani’s of the world.