The Red Sox are in absolute free fall. 4-10 this season. Lost their last 5. Blowing 9 run leads like it ain’t no thing. Youk’s feelings have been hurt. They’ve been outscored by 25 runs which is worst in the majors. John Lackey is fat. And on and on it goes. Complete and utter chaos.

Now as far as I can tell the object of most fans scorn is Bobby Valentine. Fans just booing him everytime he shows his face. People blaming him for everying that goes wrong. People sending back wrap sandwiches as local deli’s and blaming it on Bobby. People clamoring for Tito to come back. I got to be honest. I don’t get it. Of all the people to blame for this debacle he is literally last on my list. I mean he took over a team that was in complete and utter disarray. A team that has gone 10-30 in their last 40 games dating back to last season. A team that suffered the worst collapse in the history of baseball. A team that decided not to resign Papelbon. A team whose long time GM and manager both bolted town rather than deal with this debacle.

All of these problems existed before Bobby V showed up and that’s before Ellsbury got injured. The guy has only been here for a cup of coffee. He literally has nothing to do with the problems in my opinion. To be honest I don’t know what the problems are. You look at this roster top to bottom and we should be very good but we’re not. Sure the bullpen has sucked, but it’s more than that. There is just a stink about them. The stench from last season’s debacle is still fresh.  This particular group of guys are just soft as marshmellows. It was that way before Bobby V arrived and it’s still that way. It has nothing to do with him.