The Sun – FORGET planking – the latest craze to take the internet by storm is called leisure diving. Fans try to get themselves photographed at the height of a dive, with their hips parallel to the water, before plunging into holiday pools, lakes or even paddling pools. The aim is to look as though you were lying in mid-air in as casual a way as possible. The craze was started by website – which started off with a few comedy snaps but has now taken off with hundreds catching on.

So this is the world we live in now. Ever since Icing was invented people keep trying to come up with new fads. First we had planking, then owling and now we have Leisure Diving. I’m sure this is some elaborate marketing ruse for some huge corporation just like icing was. But as much as I want to hate Leisure Diving I kind of like it. Way better than Planking which was dumb as fuck. At least there is some skill involved with Leisure Diving. Like I want to do a Leisure Dive of me reading the Stool or something with my starfish pinnie on. Probably be the best leisure dive in the history of leisure diving.