CSSNE -David Ortiz burst into the middle of Sox manager Terry Francona’s press conference in the media room upstairs from the Sox clubhouse, and was running hot about something. Ortiz said “I’m [bleeping] pissed. We need to have a talk . . . you and me” before the manager and designated hitter agreed to talk about things at a more appropriate time. Then Ortiz gave away exactly what was bothering him when he muttered “[Bleepin’] scorekeeper always [bleepin’] [bleep] up” while exiting the room. Ortiz was most certainly upset about a change made by official scorer Chaz Scoggins in Wednesday night’s game that turned his first inning two-run single into a one-run single with an error on the left fielder allowing the second run to score. That means an RBI was taken away from Ortiz midway through the game, and he was upset enough about it to bust up Francona’s daily pregame meeting with the press with a few choice words. When approached later in the clubhouse, Ortiz declined comment comment on the incident except to say it was “between me and Tito.”

What the fuck was that? Was that real? Like I was 100% convinced this was going to be some dumb ass staged Comcast Sports video to try and trick people into watching their shit. But then I watched it and read the article and now I’m just fucking confused. I know this can’t be real, but I think it is? Is today April Fools Day or something? Seriously what the fuck is going on? Please don’t tell me Big Papi could be this upset about 1 RBI. Who is he Wade Boggs all of a sudden? Right now I’m borderline in a state of shock. This has to be fake. It just has to be but I don’t think it is.  What is going on?   Am I getting punked? Help?