Gizmodo - Vibrator Alarm Clock The Little Rooter is an alarm clock specially-designed for women that wakes them by buzzing *ahem* where the sun don’t shine. The device sits inside a lady’s panties with its tip resting on her privates. At the proper time of day, the Little Rooster will wake her up with increasing vibration intensities. It includes both a traditional snooze setting as well as a Snorgasm setting, which vibrates very gently for “a ten-minute erotic slumber.” The Play function allows it to act as a normal sex toy.

How the fuck is a chick gonna get a normal night sleep with a vibrator shoved up her vagina? And more importantly since when do girls liked being woken up with somebody rubbing their clit? I thought only dudes woke up horny? But I fully admit I don’t know the first fucking thing about girls or what make them tick so maybe this doesn’t bother them and maybe they are just as horny as guys in the morning? But if that was true why aren’t we fucking every morning? I don’t know it just seems like this vibrator alarm clock should be an invention for dudes not sluts right? Like find me a comfortable alarm clock that wakes me up by jacking me off and I’ll take 10 of them. Just make sure I can sleep with it and we’re golden.