So It’s official. After watching that last intern video with the copier thing there can be no denying it. I’m going bald. Surfer hair in the front. Debacle in the back. I ain’t even that mad at my hair either. It put up a hell of a fight. I mean Sales Guy has been bald as long as I’ve known him. Brady’s hair tapped out a couple years ago and forced him to get hair implants. My dad couldn’t be more bald if he tried. I made it to 35. I can’t complain. . So now my question is what the fuck do I do? Rogaine? Propecia? Or do I just throw in the towel, kiss my surfer hair goodbye and start wearing sweatpants 24/7. Because I don’t know much but I don’t think surfer translates with a black hole in the middle of it. Originally I was thinking Propecia would be a simple solution. However upon further review I guess Propecia can have some side effects. Oh nothing too important…Only impotence, abnormal ejaculation, decreased ejaculatory volume, abnormal sexual function, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and testicular pain. Umm what the fuck? What good is having surfer hair if your dick doesn’t work right? Or are these just horror stories that is like 1 in a million of effecting you? I need some advice from bald ass stoolies. What is the play here? What is my next move? Can I still be a media mogul without hair? It’s unthinkable right?