So there is a debate going on right now across the Barstool network.  Are these new Jordans hot?   Kmarko said they are so horrific that black people wouldn’t even like them.   Mo responded by calling Kmarko a cracker.  So naturally as the only blogger with a clothing sponsorship and a certified fashion mogul I felt like I needed to weigh in and end this madness.    With 100% certainty I can say that these sneakers are fresh as hell.  I’d wear them zipped up 99% of the time and then when I wanted to dunk on a honkey I’d unveil the electric green.  Seriously I don’t know how anybody can be criticizing these?  Kmarko must wear white keds or something.   These  are fresh 2 death.  Cargo shorts not so much, but these are fire.  Best Jordans I’ve seen since Air Jordan #5.     And yes Air Jodan #3 is still the best besides the original which doesn’t count obviously because it’s the original.  I owned 3,4,5.



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