AMARILLOA pilot Monday raced inside a JetBlue airliner Monday screaming obscenities and shouting about threats from al-Qaida and bombs aboard the aircraft, forcing an emergency landing in Amarillo, passengers said. A half-dozen to 10 passengers jumped atop the pilot and pinned him to the floor, passengers said. Flight 191 landed at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport at 10:11 a.m., JetBlue said in a statement. The aircraft was carrying people bound from New York to Las Vegas, Nev., for a security convention, passengers said. JetBlue and Transportation Security Administration officials described the pilot as having a medical condition. He was transported to Northwest Texas Hospital, officials said. He has not been identified.

Fucking Jetblue Pilots. Biggest attention whores in the game. It’s bad enough when they keep talking over the intercom for no reason when I’m trying to watch TV. Like bro I don’t care what our fucking cruising altitude is. You don’t have to make a speech everytime you turn on and off the seat belt sign. Stop cracking jokes. Just shut up and let me watch my romantic comedy in peace. Now it looks like they’ve upped the ante. Just running around screaming shit about Al Queda. Not cool bro. Not cool.   This isn’t the 60′s.  Being a pilot ain’t that badass.