ESPN – A second juror was dismissed today in the Roger Clemens trial for falling asleep during the trial. The dismissed juror, from Seat 1, was replaced by the juror in Seat 7, who had been the first alternate.

Does this sum up the entire Roger Clemens steroid fiasco perfectly or what? Jurors are literally falling asleep in court because they are so bored by it. I mean has anybody in the history of life every misplayed a hand more than Roger Clemens did with this steroid thing? NOBODY cares about steroids in baseball. NOBODY. Yet here we are 2 years later still talking about Clemens. The guy is freaking in court about it! I think he may actually have a chance of going to jail. All because this idiot didn’t just say “yeah I used em so what” Instead he has dedicated his life to trying to defend his innocence over something nobody gives a flying fuck about. Not to mention the fact that even if he’s somehow found innocent everybody is still going to think he’s guilty. It’s the definition of a no win situation. It’s like drawing dead in poker and everybody knows each others cards and keep betting. Crazy.