AUSTIN, Texas (AP) Lance Armstrong is stepping down as chairman of his Livestrong cancer-fighting charity to it can focus on its mission instead of its founder’s problems.Armstrong’s announcement came minutes before Nike Inc., announced it is terminating its personal contract with him Nike said it a statement that Armstrong had “misled” the company for a decade about doping. The company said it would continue to support Armstrong’s foundation.

Why am I talking about this fraud again? Because I like kicking people when they are down. I like watching people fall from grace. I like bathing in people’s tears. I like rubbing it in when I am right and the rest of the world is wrong. Because in case you forgot Lance Armstrong was really my first arch enemy on Barstool. I’m talking before the website even existed. When we were just a newspaper. Back when he was still winning all his Tour De Frances and SI was calling him the sportsman of the year. Back when he used to walk around like his shit didn’t stink and he was the cock of the walk. I was the lone voice of reason. Day after day after day I’d call him talentless fraud and deal with all the idiots defending him. People saying what a hero he was. What a great athlete he was. People sending me emails like this back in 2005 after I ripped him apart.

“Lance’s strength is in his VO2 Max (reported to be one of the highest ever measured) and his mental tenacity. His ability to go day after day, without the benefits of time-outs or half-times is truly remarkable.”

Yeah it was that or the fact he was just blood doping like a motherfucker. One or the other. And spare me all the mumbo jumbo about how much money he has raised for cancer and shit. It’s all built on a house of lies. He was probably funneling ¾ of that money right into his personal bank account to begin with.   Hell he probably didn’t even have cancer. If anything he has done more damage than good for charity because now people will think twice before donating since they don’t want to get swindled again by a con artist.

It’s not just that Lance cheated. Everybody cheats in bike riding. It’s that he thrust himself into the spotlight. Soaked up the endorsement deals. Stood in front of America for a decade and tried to portray this image of a hero. Lying to the general public without a shred of remorse. Accepting award after award for honor, integrity and courage. The exact opposite of everything he stands for as a human being. It’s great to finally see him getting everything he deserves. My only wish is that he loses his last ball somehow. It would serve him right.

As a side note how self righteous is Nike?  Like they didn’t know he was cheating.  Yeah right.    Nike would sign Satan if it helped them make money.  Just look at their client list.   Kobe, Lebron, Lance, Paterno, Tiger and on and on it goes.  If you’re not a scumbag don’t even try to get an endorsement deal from them.