CNNSI - “I’m in a different place than other people,” he says. “That’s O.K. I understand. I was chosen for this. It’s my gift. It’s my responsibility.” “Did I think an award like this was possible two years ago?” James says. “No, I did not. I thought I would be helping a lot of kids and raise $3 million by going on TV and saying, ‘Hey, I want to play for the Miami Heat.’

I just want to clarify that the guy who wrote this article is Lee Jenkins. People may remember that he was my co-panelist on Rome when I went on that show for a week. We used to sit in the Green Room together waiting to go on and he’d be ranting and raving what a great dude Lebron was blah, blah, blah.. I’d have steam coming out of my ears trying to restrain myself from punching him in the eyeball. Why am I saying this? Because Lee Jenkins always liked Bron Bron. He didn’t hate him when he turned his back on Cleveland. He didn’t’ hate him for The Decision. He didn’t hate him when he made fun of Dirk for being sick in the Finals. He didn’t hate him when he charged people 25K to come to his birthday party. None of the stuff that made people despise Lebron ever bothered Lee Jenkins. He was always on Team Lebron from the word go and so was Sports Illustrated. Why is that important? Because this article makes it seem like Lebron has won people over. That people have suddenly accepted him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nobody has changed their opinion on Lebron as a human being. He is still one of the biggest frauds on planet earth. He is still despised in every single building he walks into. He is still going straight to hell when he dies. Is he a decent baskeball player? Yes. But if you want to talk about an athlete who had a transcendent year and is beloved world wide the winner had to be Usain Bolt. Unfortunately for Usain he doesn’t have Lee Jenkins in his back pocket.


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