Dailynews – A Queens high school sent a student home Tuesday, saying her “I enjoy vagina” T-shirt was a distraction — but the bisexual teen says administrators are trouncing her free speech. And her mother is on her side. “It’s hypocritical,” said Brianna, who insisted she’s worn the flirty shirt to school dozens of times without incident. “They use the word in class — why can’t I, on a shirt?” Brianna said she was hauled into an assistant principal’s office, where she was given a choice: Change the shirt or go home. “They’re discriminating against Brianna. They pulled her out of class for nothing,” seethed Demato, 39. “She’s not hurting anyone. It’s her right to wear that shirt.” The irate mom vowed not to back down.“(Wednesday) she’s wearing a shirt that says ‘I’m the B—h From Down the Block,’ ” Demato said. “The message is, she can wear whatever she wants.”“You can’t stop somebody from being who they are,” she said. “My daughter is whoever she wants to be.”

I really don’t have too much to say on this one. I just felt like I had to blog it because a girl getting kicked out of school for wearing an “I Love Vagina” tshirt seems very Barstooly. But nobody is saying this has anything to do with her being a lesbo right? Like I’m pretty sure if a dude wore an I Love Vagina shirt he’d get the boot too. So I really don’t have that big of a problem with this chick getting kicked out for it. I hate school administrators and think they are dictators but I’m sure that shirt was a distraction on some level. Schools aren’t romper room. There should be some sense of decorum and professionalism. Plus I’m on the record as saying that ugly lesbians have no rights anyway. Like maybe if this chick was hot and the mental imagery was erotic that would be one thing, but that clearly isn’t the case here.

PS – Is the mother a Lesbo too?  She must be right?   I didn’t know the gay was hereditary