DM – Detroit Lions Justin Durant has tweeted that he would refuse to boycott Chick-fil-A even if it came out in support of slavery. The linebacker took to Twitter to weigh into the debate over the embattled chicken restaurant’s staunch opposition to gay marriage, suggesting all the fuss was about nothing.But the 26-year-old went a step too far when, in response to a tweet about whether he would stop buying chicken sandwiches if Chick-fil-A announced it was pro-slavery, he said no, claiming the chicken was ‘too tasty.’ Today, Mr Durant logged back on to Twitter to shrug off his comments as a joke. ‘I’ve been called the highest level of coon and super ignorant for that tweet…making it even more funny to me,’ he wrote today, adding in a follow up tweet: ‘People always looking for something to be mad about.’

I’m so on Team Durant it’s not even funny. I don’t even care that he was joking which he obviously was. I just respect the stance. If a man says he’d eat the chicken even if Chick Fil A supported slavery and he’s black you can’t argue with it. You can’t condemn him. You can’t say anything. The guy loves the chicken and he isn’t gonna stop eating it period. I just hope that he is never forced to apologize about this.  America needs more Justin Durants.   A man and his chicken can go a long way.