CNet – This isn’t the kind of story we’d normally cover, but as some members of our team were present, we thought we’d bring you the news that a man has been left in a serious condition after reportedly being stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle at a BlackBerry event in London.An argument broke out as guests were queuing to leave the event, resulting in a man in his 30s being injured. Police say the man is in a “serious” condition, according to the Telegraph.

See this is what it’s come down to folks. It’s like Escape From LA right now in Blackberry world. I mean just last week I tweeted that I bought the new Blackberry and it was the sexiest, best, most sophisticated phone device ever created. I was single handily trying to carry Blackberry back from the brink on my shoulders. Two days later driving in East Bumfuck the thing kept freezing up as I was trying to get directions so I had to slow down to 1 mph on the high way to figure out where to go. Damn near killed myself. Then yesterday it refused to power up and died. I was 2 days past the warranty so I couldn’t even get a free one. After all the years of loyalty and respect this is the thanks I get Blackberry? People were laughing at me at the store when I said I wanted the new Blackberry. Straight laughing at me. First Lady waving her Iphone in the face saying I was a dullard. But I said I was going to ride or die with Blackberry because that’s the type of SOB I am. Loyalty in spades. But now it has come to this. The remaining blackberry users stabbing each other in the neck with broken bottles and shit. We are officially eating our own. It’s a bad motherfucking scene.

- thanks to awesome boston for the tip