So as I hinted at yesterday Manzo is no longer a full time employee at the Stool. His 2nd tour of duty with us was brief, tumultuous and spectacular all at once.  He created a level of hatred and disdain around these parts that these eyes had never seen before and those are fighting words. I was actually hoping he’d write his own obituary but it appears as if he’s already off enjoying his second retirement before the age of 40. Now contrary to popular belief his writing wasn’t and never was the problem. In fact I actually think most people who criticized him for not being funny are morons. For me the far larger issue was his blog output which I would qualify as dismal. Turned out he just wasn’t cut out for the churn and burn world of blogging. And for those who have never done it needing to create a new blog every 30 minutes is not easy. Not to mention him living in Boston made it harder to find content for day to day NYC shit which we both didn’t think would be an issue when I hired him but it was. Overall he just couldn’t seem to grasp that this was a 24/7 job so you may not want to be on a fishing boat when Jeter is going for 3,000 hits. Combine that with some other facts namely that KFC is moving into a full time and much bigger role and I knew I had to shift stuff around.

Now keep in mind Manzo was at my wedding and has clocked more Barstool hours than anybody besides Jerry so talking about his future wasn’t a conversation I was looking forward to having with him. But to Manzo’s credit and my relief we pretty much saw eye to eye on the situation and handled it like big boys. Now unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it, he’s still going to be blogging about the Yankees and whatever else he sees fit and I’m psyched about that because I still love his writing. He’s taking more of a Jerry role with NYC which makes more sense and who knows maybe one day he’ll be back in a full time role again or maybe not. But for now the winds of change have once again set Barstool on a different course and now people are going to have to find somebody else to try and get fired.