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First of all let me just say it’s hard coming up with these ideas.  I wanted to do Alexander The Grapes vs. Cherry Chans vs. Lemonheads but I think you need to be at least 30 to know what those candies are.   None of my squid employees ever heard of any of them.  Plus it’s Alexander the Grape in a romp.   So I settled for a good old fashioned Freeze Pop battle royale.   Now let me start by stating the obvious.  There is blue and everything else.   There is a reason the Flavor Ice people rig the boxes more than Stern rigs the NBA.  You’re lucky to get 1 blue per row.   Blue keeps you coming back for more.   They know it.  I know it.  Everybody knows it.  Blue is no brainer marry.  Meanwhile the clear cut bridesmaid is Pink.    Then after that I think it’s a crap shoot.    Like when somebody asks me what flavor I want it goes Blue, Pink and then you shouldn’t have even have fucking offered if you didn’t have one of the two flavors you know I wanted.  So we’re going to put the field in here.  That’s right.   You get orange, purple, red and green in one shooting match.  And yes red freeze pops have to be the worst red in the game right?   Seriously how do you fuck up red?

Marry – Blue

Fuck – Pink

Kill – Field