NBC MiamiThe face behind that voice is 9-year-old Jack Meyer. “I said ‘Good job, good effort’ and Terrel (Harris) noticed me and gave me a thumbs up,” he said. Jack has been a Heat fan since he was 3 or 4. He loves to play ball with his dad, and enjoys collecting the team’s memorabilia in his room. His Heat-themed bed is “super cozy,” he says. So when people have the audacity to question whether the young Coral Gables hoops fan was mocking the Heat, the passion in his voice makes it obvious where he stands. “LeBron James was fighting so hard, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem. Chris Bosh only played 14 minutes, yet one of his best games,” he said. Jack, who was at the game with his father James, hopes his cheers will encourage the team for Game 6. “You can’t give up this easily,” he said. “You know there’s always got to be a second chance for you. You always have the power to win.”

I fucking love this kid.   I really do.  Like if I did buy those two courtside seats for 20K this is who I’d take.   Just stick him in a bird cage and poke him with a stick whenever I needed the “good job, good effort” chant.  I mean as much as I hate the Heat and as many hours as I’ve spent daydreaming about their demise even I never fantasized about something this perfect.  A 9 year old troll who says he isn’t a troll encapsulating everything that is fucking wrong with the Heat, the city of Miami and Lebron’s entire sorry existence.   All in 4 simple words that will live on forever and be a constant reminder of Miami’s shortcomings as a team and human beings.  “Good job, good effort.”     Love it.