Barstool Jr - Two weeks ago, after serving as ESPN’s show pony during their annual ESPY Awards, Michelle Beadle hit many of the late-night parties around Los Angeles. She readily admits that. After all, she hadn’t gone out at all after last year’s event. And she even admits that, upon her return from L.A., she was summoned into the office by her boss, Vice President of Content Integration and Strategic Planning Marcia Keegan, and informed there were some unpleasant rumors making the rounds in Bristol about her party antics — including one involving inappropriate behavior with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But Beadle denies all of that. “I got angry,” she said in a phone interview today, “because everything she asked me about was absolutely not true.” According to Beadle, John Walsh, ESPN’s executive vice president, had asked Keegan to meet with Beadle to address the rumors. Keegan told Beadle that co-workers had accused her of being drunk and using drugs at the ESPY after-parties. Keegan also asked if she had said anything inappropriate to Rodgers at a nightclub where the two had been seen together. “I saw and talked to Aaron the first night I was there,” Beadle said. “I don’t know the guy or anything, but we [she and her girlfriends] were hanging out with him. But Marcia told me that she heard I had apparently blurted out in front of him, ‘I just wanna get fucked’ very loudly.” Still, a source who was present at some of those ESPY after-parties maintains that Beadle had gotten obnoxiously hammered and that at one point she put the moves on Aaron Rodgers. Rebuffed, she went on to fuck his teammate Clay Matthews instead, the source said. “That’s insane,” Beadle said. “I live a much more interesting life in other people’s minds.”

I got to be honest. I’m sick and tired of Beadle talking to Deadspin about who she’s fucking. I’m sick of Deadspin winning pultizers every two seconds with ESPN stories. It’s the only thing another blog does better than us. Deadspin owns ESPN. It’s that simple. Who is their fucking mole? I mean come on! Scott Van Pelt is in my circle of trust. I grew up with McShay. I’m on the front lines fighting for Team Beadle and I get dick shit from these guys. Dick shit. Like Michelle Beadle should be calling me while Clay Mathews is mid pump and be like Hey Pres I got a story for you. But nope she’ll only tweet me in private like a little school girl afraid to show her crush to the world. It’s dog shit.

As a side note how hypocritical is ESPN? Michelle Beadle got called into the principal’s office for drinking, doing drugs and fucking athletes at ESPY post parties? Imagine if their male employees got in trouble every time they got fucked up and used a cheesy pick up line? The entire company would be fired.   Granted nothing cheesy about Beadle saying she needs to get fucked.  That’s hot as hell.