Tulsaworld - In the suit, filed on Thursday in Payne County, Brent Loveland seeks damages in excess of $10,000. A trim specialist who was to have worked on the Gundys’ new house in Stillwater, Loveland claims to have “lost more than $30,000” in potential income because he turned down other jobs in consideration of his commitment to the Gundy project. The suit states that Mike Gundy and Loveland verbally agreed in February that Loveland would perform trim installation at an overall payment of $80,600. The alleged confrontation occurred on March 21, which would have been Loveland’s first day on the job. According to the suit, Gundy approached Loveland and said, “How dare you come into my house and offend my wife?” The suit states that when Loveland asked what Gundy was referring to, the coached replied by saying, “That (expletive deleted) shirt you have on.” Loveland claims that he dressed in the dark that morning and was unaware that his shirt had an OU logo on it.

First of all this guy’s excuse that he got dressed in the dark so he didn’t know what shirt he was wearing has to be the worst excuse in the history of excuses. That’s  impossible. I mean even blind people getting dressed  somehow know what shirt they are wearing.  Seriously have you ever not known what shirt you were putting on in the morning? That just doesn’t happen. Hey bro you wore an Oklahoma shirt to the OSU head coaches house to trim your bushes. I get it. You’re an OU fan. I ain’t mad at ya. But don’t cry like a pussy when you get fired. Because that’s going to happen 100 out of 100 times. It’s called a rivalry. Deal with it.