So last night was the Charlie Sheen Roast on Comedy Central. Probably the best roast I’ve seen yet from them. And per usual Mike Tyson stole the show. Not on purpose of course, but that’s what makes it better.  He was just electric sitting there in the panel. Like anytime anybody tried to make fun of him he tried to come back with something that made no sense.  Absolutely couldn’t remain quiet or sit still. It was awesome. It confirmed my long standing belief that Iron Mike is the greatest entertainer that has ever lived. It literally doesn’t matter what he’s doing I can’t take my eyes of him. He just has that “it” factor. He could fight tomorrow and I’d buy the pay per view . I mean what was that porcupine line? What did he say? Just great stuff.

PS – This blonde chick was by far the best roaster too. Just demolishing everybody. Bunch of people got their panties in a bunch because she made fun of Ryan Dunn dying saying she wished it was Steve O instead. Get over it. It’s a roast. If you don’t want your dead friends getting made fun of don’t go on the show.