Las Vegas -Reigning Miss Nevada USA Jade Kelsall’s crown could be in jeopardy over a raunchy photograph posted on her Facebook page. The photo, posted Thursday, shows a young woman at a bar embracing porn legend Ron Jeremy and simulating an oral sex act. Two sources who saw the photo identified the woman in the photo as Kelsall, who finished third runner-up in Donald Trump’s Miss USA contest in June at Planet Hollywood Resort. According to their Twitter feeds, they were in Los Angeles, where Kelsall was competing in an audition in a “MasterChef” Season 4 show featuring chef Gordon Ramsay. It’s the latest sexually charged scandal involving a Miss USA contestant.

I don’t even know what we’re talking about here. Miss Nevada faked giving Ron Jeremy a blowjob in a photo? What the fuck else are you supposed to do in a photo with Ron Jeremy? I think my mother would do that. That’s just what you do when you take a photo with a porn legend.  I mean it’s not like we’re talking about Miss Utah here. This is fucking Miss Vegas. Anything short of getting photographed with a dick in her ass while she rips blow off a counter is fair game in my book.

PS – I think I’ve said this before but I absolutely love how the Las Vegas Journal Review guy has an eyepatch. It works on every level.