I know what everybody is thinking.  Pres is just trolling now.  Just trying to get a reaction out of all the swimming geeks.  He’s just trying to get Felger to read one of his blogs on the radio again.   Nope not true.  I honestly believe this.   I honestly believe what Misty May and Kerry Walsh did is more difficult than what Michael Phelps did.   How can I say that?  Well there is only one gold medal in beach volleyball.   That means all the best players in the world are all competing in the same event going after the same exact thing.   It’s unlike swimming in which I’ve seen a ton of dudes win gold medals.   Michael Phelps isn’t the fastest swimmer.  He’s not the best distance swimmer.  He’s the best at the events he does.   But imagine a race that somehow featured all the gold medalists all competing in their best events.   Would Phelps win that race 3 Olympics in a row?  Who knows?  But that’s what Misty May and Kerry Walsh have done .   They’ve taken on all comers and beaten them all.   Everybody giving Misty May and Kerry Walsh their best shot.  If they lose one elimination game they are gone.  And for the past 12 years now Misty May and Kerry Walsh have repelled every challenge.

Also unlike swimming they play a sport where the other team can play defense and effect what you do.    IE – Michael Phelps can always swim his race.  There is no variable he has to defend against in the pool.   In volleyball or any sport with a ball really somebody is directly effecting how you play your game.  That’s a huge difference.  But despite all this Misty May and Kerry Walsh have remained undefeated for over a decade now.  For that reason I say them winning their 3rd gold medal is more impressive/more difficult.