The Hawk

Jen Royale

Molly Sullivan Already Ruled Out for Dripping Too Much Sex

NESN can cut the shit already. Why are they dragging their feet hiring Heidi Watney’s replacement? Everybody already knows there is only one choice and her name is Erin Hawksworth. She’s absolutely perfect for the job. She’s hot. She seems down to earth. She knows Boston.  She kind of knows sports.  She’s not nearly as righteous about being a sex symbol as Heidi was. In other words she’s the perfect fit. And by all indications she wants the job. So what fucking gives? Is NESN waiting for the Stool to come out and officially endorse a candidate? Fine.  Well here it is. We want Erin Hawksworth. That’s it. Chad Finn from the globe already reported that Molly Sullivan has been ruled out.  Granted  I knew she never had a chance. Just drips way too much sex for NESN. The other name we’re hearing a lot about is Jen Royle. I had a brief twitter exchange with her (she had no clue what Barstool was and vice versa) and she seemed to be indignant when I suggested that that attractiveness was a prerequisite for this job. Legit stunned that being hot mattered in this gig.  Listen we don’t need no girl like that in our lives. Honey we’re not looking for the next Peter Gammons. We’re looking for a chick who can eat a corn dog and laugh about it and has a sense of humor about themselves.  We’re looking for a smoke who gets what this job is all about. Like I said the Hawk is the only choice. So NESN needs to stop fucking around and make it happen. It’s Stool endorsed.

PS – I will say I find it peculiar that NESN is still tweeting about Heidi Watney and vice versa. Weird. Almost like she’s not totally gone or something.