Findlaw – A Las Vegas judge denied Floyd Mayweather’s request to be let out of jail early. Mayweather had asked for an early release as he said his health was suffering from prison food and lack of bottled water. Ten days into his sentence, Mayweather petitioned to be released from jail. Mayweather’s complaints ranged from low-quality food to his dislike of tap water (he apparently only wanted to drink bottled water), reports the AP. As a result, the undefeated fighter said that his health suffered and that his prison stint could jeopardize his career as a fighter. The Judge, Melissa Saragosa, denied Mayweather’s request saying that the fighter receives adequate food and water in prison. He just needs to eat and drink what all the other prisoners are eating and drinking.

Shit ain’t right.   Shit ain’t right.  Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when you fucking need him?  This is some racist ass shit.  I mean brother needs some fucking bottled water ASAP! Enough of this tap shit! And build him a god damn ring to spar in and cook him some food. Stop treating his ass like a god damn prisoner. He’s Floyd fucking Mayweather. If he doesn’t get out of this place soon he may get out of shape. Maybe never box again. Did you hear me? He may never box again! If that happens that’s on you judge! That’s on you! I hope you can sleep at night with that blood on your hands. It’s not his fault he beat his ex girlfriend and got arrested. Oh wait a minute. Yes it is. Nevermind then. Carry on.