DM – A Pentecostal reverend known for preaching with the help of a rattlesnake coiled around his arm lost his life when one of the creatures suddenly bit him. Mack Randall Wolford, pastor at the Full Gospel Apostolic House of the Lord Jesus in Matoaka, West Virginia, died hours after receiving the deadly bite on Sunday – the day after his 44th birthday. Wolford’s father, who was also a serpent-handling pastor, died in the same way nearly 30 years ago. Wolford had been bitten three times before, but never sought medical attention, saying that a bite was a test of his faith. But by the time he was taken to Bluefield Regional Medical Center, it was too late. His unique celebrations were held regularly for his followers – who numbered between five and 30 – most of whom were members of his family.

This family has to be the dumbest rattlesnake preachers in terms of the way they play the game. Just always getting bit and dying and shit. Not a good look bro. Like I think it’s time to quit the rattlesnake preaching game forever. Some people just aren’t cut out for it. The world needs ditchdiggers too. And it’s not even like this guy has a huge following either. Between 5 and 30 people? Honestly how bad of a rattlesnake preacher are you if you can’t break 30 people with a rattlesnake draped around your arm? Rattlesnake by itself and the constant threat of death should put at least 1,000 asses in the seats. Definitely time for this guy to hang it up.   Oh well hopefully he learned his lesson and won’t make the same mistake again.