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Hey pres,

This was a booming hit from a westborough vs Algonquin (mass) high school hockey game on Wednesday.  Just a note on this hit. The hit got suspended for 2 games.  Kids fine so I thought you’d enjoy it. 

Pussification of America right there




Figured I’d throw all you puckheads a bone and put up a hockey clip for you.  I’m not really sure what the rules are to be honest, but I’m pretty sure this is charging.   The kid dribbling the puck lost it well before he got hit.   So I actually don’t have a problem with the 2 game suspension I don’t think.   Like I think this would be a suspension in the NHL too right?

PS – Yes making Gifs is my new thing now.  I just bought Photoshop for 600 bones.   Fucking right I’m going to gif the fuck out of shit now.