Reader Email

So my buddy got married this weekend. Mid ceremony he started swaying and then fainted. They then continued the ceremony with him laying on the ground.

Listen I’ve seen better wedding pass out videos before.  Ones where people just go crashing to the ground and shit. But I have NEVER seen anything like this quite like this in my life. I mean even though this reader email said that his buddy passed out and they continued with the ceremony while he was laying on the ground I still really didn’t believe that could be possible.  But guess what?  That’s exactly what happened here. This guy got married while taking a nap on the floor.   It’s unbelievable. There is no other way to describe it. This chick is relentless. This guy literally tried to pass his way out of getting married and it still didn’t work..  And by the way If I pulled this shit on the first lady at our wedding she would have ripped my balls off. Getting married on the floor was not an option.

PS – Is there a chance this is the most brilliant bro in the world?    Like how could anybody say this is a valid marriage?  Guy was passed out cold during the vows.  It’s a prenup on top of a prenup on top of a prenup.