I Don’t Care Who You Are This Is Never Acceptable



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Prez, if u were #1 at your sport. Would u still be confident enough to date a taller more athletic chick? Ask the stoolies



I don’t care how rich I am.  I don’t care how handsome I am.  I don’t care how famous I am.  I don’t think I’d ever date a chick that was five inches taller than me like Rory McIllroy is doing here.    It’s not even about confidence.  It just looks ridiculous.   Girls aren’t supposed to be taller than the guys they date.  They just aren’t.  It goes against code.  It’s just wrong.  Maybe if I had like a GIGANTIC dick I’d be okay with it.  Like don’t worry everybody I have a fucking huge howitzer so that’s why she’s with me, but I think that’s the only possible reason I’d do it.  Huge dick trumps everything else.


Vote 1 for you’d be cool with it and 10 for no chance unless I got a huge rocket


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