Dm – Voters in New Hampshire have become the first to elect a transgender person to their state legislature. Stacie Laughton, 28, won a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in Tuesday’s election. She is a trans woman, that is someone with a female gender identity who was assigned as male at birth. Laughton said she hopes her victory will inspire others from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community to get more involved in mainstream politics. The victory was hailed as a ‘milestone’ by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which works to support out LGBT candidates and political appointees.

I consider myself a liberal person. Real liberal. But having said that I flat don’t get transgender people. Like what’s the deal with this thing? Does it like boys or girls now? And whatever the answer is it still doesn’t make sense to me. Because if she likes guys why not just stay a guy and be straight gay? If she likes girls even better then stay hetero. I just don’t get what switching teams does for you? Dance with who brung you. That’s what I always say. But what do I know? Maybe she did this for political reasons because apparently they eat this shit up in New Hampshire. I can’t rent the Whittamore Center for a concert, but they’ll vote a Transgender to the House of Reps. What a world….