– “Southie Rules,” a television show featuring a South Boston family battling the “relentless gentrification of their neighborhood,” will premiere on the A&E Network on January 29, the network announced. According to the network, the family will battle the onslaught of “yuppies, sushi restaurants and $5 cups of coffee.” “To ‘yuppies,’ jumping in the frigid harbor on New Year’s Day, housing three generations of a family under one roof, or never moving from the home you were born in may seem ridiculous, but to this family, it’s not just routine – it’s their way of life,” the site says. “These “Southies” are faithful to their legacy, and they’re not budging, unless they kill each other first.”


I’ll give this show a whirl. It’s actually a pretty decent concept because there is absolutely nothing Southie people love doing more than being from Southie and looking down on people who are actually better than them but who haven’t lived in the same house for the past 200 years. Like if don’t live with your grandmother and can’t pretend to have worked for Whitey Bulger than you’re a loser. I’ve never really understood it, but it definitely exists. Mix in the fact that old school Southie people are basically outnumbered by Yuppies now and this could be a pretty entertaining show.   Not to mention this chick dating Hernandez looks like a smoke.

PS – Feitlberg and his duck shoes just moved to Southie.  As a caring boss I put together a list for him of  places he can safely go vs. places he’ll get bottled walking through the door.  I think this should do it right?


Southie Bars (I don’t count the Waterfront)

Stats – Yuppie

Lincoln – Yuppie

Boston Beer Garden – Yuppie

Playwright – Yuppie

Stadium (Depends the day)

Shenanigans (Depends the day)

Junction – (Yuppie)

L Street Tavern (Townie)

English Cottage (Townie)

Murphy’s Law (Townie)

Blackthorn (Depends the Day)

Aces High (Instant Bottling)

Cornerstone (Townie)