Inside Track - It’s supposed to be on the DL, but word out of FOX-TV is that Senor Yo Soy Fiesta, Patriots [team stats] party boy Rob Gronkowski, will appear next month on “The Choice,” a blind dating show — with spinning chairs! — hosted by British babe Cat Deeley. Here’s the 411: In the first round, the boys will listen to sexy gals describe themselves. If the guy likes what he hears, he’ll pull his “love handle” and spin his chair around to see the Girl of His Dreams. (Or hookup du jour.) But if more than one boy pulls the love handle, they battle for the lady’s affection until she makes a decision. Each bachelor will line up three prospective dates and then the teams enter the “Speed Choice” round where the gal has seconds to convince the man to select her for the final round.

I got to be honest. I’m kind of insulted that Gronk is competing against Rob Kardashian and 2 nobodies on this show. Where is the pageantry in that? Like if Gronk pulls the lever obviously the chick is going to pick him. He’s Gronk. Fox really dropped the ball here. This should have been all the Gronks competing against each other. Now that would have been tv history. This just seems too easy.  Gronk is gonna fuck his girls and he’s gonna fuck everybody else’s girls too. Absolute no brainer.

(pic from terezowens)