So whenever I rewatch a video I’ve made I can’t help but notice that my bald spot has turned into an all hands on deck situation. I’m talking from Defcon 1 to Defcon a billion. (Or reverse if that’s how Defcons work) Anyway the plan was originally to go on Propecia but people said it fucked with your dick and shit. No thanks. So instead I’ve been using Rogaine cream for the last 3 months. Not only hasn’t that helped but it would appear my bald spot has multiplied. I’m getting my ass kicked 6 ways to Sunday here. The ironic thing is the front of my head has never looked better. But I can’t have my bald spot killing my whole vibe here. And I’m a firm believer that there is no excuse to be bald in 2013. Too much technology out there. Too much science out there. Letting yourself go bald is like the new wearing sweatpants. Just shows you gave up on life. I won’t do it. I can’t do it. I need my hair. I guess transplant is the only option left? Or should I just wait for the Rogaine to kick in? I need help from people who have saved their hair? What is the best move? I keep thinking transplant. I mean if you can afford it that’s the best play right? After all if it’s good enough for Brady it’s good enough for me. Because the only thing I know for a fact is that when you got a mug like I do you can’t lose the hair. As long as I got my hair I can battle. Without it, it’s checkmate uglyville.