Mercury News - Utah’s newest sports celebrity does not play for the Jazz, Utes, Cougars or Real Salt Lake. Sam Gordon is 9 years old and plays for Herriman in the Gremlin Division of the Ute Conference – football for little leaguers.  Sam is a speedy running back, fearless on defense and a team leader. Samantha Gordon is also a girl who, thanks to the Internet, has become a global star.  Wednesday morning, she appeared on “Good Morning America,” where anchor Josh Elliott unveiled a Wheaties cereal box featuring her image.  Under her photo, bold type on the box reads: “Sam Gordon, Football Star.” Sam told Elliott her newfound stardom has “been very awesome.”


We’re still talking about this Sam Gordon chick?   Really?  She’s on the cover of the latest Wheaties Box?   What do they just give that honor away to anybody nowadays?  Can I be on the cover of a Wheaties Box too for completing Spartan Race?  Seriously I don’t get what the big deal is?   There are always a few chicks who are good at sports at that age.   She’s still no Wondergirl Carly.  Bottomline is I was a kid and played in this league I would have that Wheaties Box framed in my room right now.  Just popping Flinestone Vitamins like you read about counting down the days till I get to play this ho again. Lay her the fuck out and then make my own youtube video about it.   Nobody comes into my house and embarrasses me on the Internet like this.