So last night I posted that video of the Dean of Students at Wisconsin telling people not to go to the Mifflin Street Block Party. I ranted and raved how this was the definitive video of all videos to prove how out of touch school administrators were with real life. That anybody who thought this speech would help was a flat lunatic. I knew it was viral gold the second I saw it. I also knew it was so bad/awesome that Wisconsin would pull the video the second they realized what a disaster it was and that’s exactly what they did today. I can almost picture the Dean of Students reading the comments being like “Oh my god…This isn’t working!” Unfortunately for them I already ripped it before she pulled it down because I knew exactly how this chain of events was about to unfold. People now autotuning it and shit. So why am I blogging this again? To gloat. I just feel like this confirms everything I’ve ever said about school administrators and how delusional and self righteous they are. I felt I owed it this lady to post it again knowing she doesn’t want anybody to see it anymore.