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(Forbes)Where would we be without the grey market? Overwhelmed developer Dong Nguyen may have pulled runaway mobile success “Flappy Bird” from Google GOOG -0.41% Play and the App Store, but some people aren’t going to let a little thing like that get in their way of the maddeningly addictive minigame. It’s impossible to download the game new, so some have taken to eBay to sell iPhones with the game pre-installed. An eBay search for “Flappy Bird” now yields almost 4,000 results, nearly exclusively for phones with the game on it. The most expensive one is going for $90,000, and while there are six bids on it, I can’t imagine anyone actually intends to pay. Prices are fairly low for iPhone 4 and 4Ss, but there’s a considerable midrange between about $400 and $1,500. As a point of reference, a brand new unlocked iPhone 5s sells for a minimum of $649.


Absolutely brilliant. Create a wildly addictive game that’s impossible to beat and when everyone complains about it, you take it away. You tell everybody “NO! You don’t get to play anymore.” It’s genius. The most powerful word in PR is “no.” Tell someone they can’t have it, and they want it even more. I mean I’ve never played a second of Flappy Bird, never heard of it until a week or two ago. Now I’m furious I never downloaded it. Absolutely furious. I want to play this game more than I want to breathe oxygen. So, when Dong Nguyen inevitably returns it to the App Store for like $10 per download, I’ll be waiting to purchase it with open arms. Genius businessman shit. Dong Nguyen is the Rockefeller of our generation.