DM – Justin Bieber’s choice of wardrobe at a national ceremony with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has earned him searing disapproval from the celebrity gossip blogosphere. Bieber became the target of bloggers’ wrath after he wore a striped pair of blue overalls – with one side deliberately unbuttoned – over a white T-shirt and a backwards baseball cap to the ceremony, in which Harper awarded Bieber a Diamond Jubilee Medal. The medal is given to Canadians who earn achievements abroad. It’s a fairly common honor, as more than 60,000 Canadians will receive it before the end of the year. Bieber accessorized with stud earrings, a long silver neck chain and a black wide-brimmed baseball hat, which he strategically turned backwards so a small tuft of his golden locks would be visible from the front.He polished off the number with bright neon yellow sneakers. The outfit earned him the moniker of ‘White Trash Prince.’

So Biebs was getting trashed by the media all weekend for this outfit he wore to accept some Canadian award from the Prime Minister. Listen is it my favorite Bieber outfit of all time? No. Am I still going to go out and buy myself a pair of overalls now? Hell yes. But more importantly who gives a shit what Biebs was wearing. He should be getting praised for just squeezing the Prime Minister into his schedule. This was a photo opp for the PM not for Bieber. He’s like 9 billion times more important and busy than the Canadian Prime Minister.  He could be balls deep in some Victoria Secret model instead of doing this shit.   I’m sure they begged him to throw them a bone. I mean this isn’t even a real award. 60,000 people will win this thing before the end of the year? No shit Biebs didn’t dress up. Make him King of Canada and maybe he’ll wear a suit. Maybe.  Get on Bieber’s level Canada.