ESPN - The Boston Red Sox did not invite former general manager Theo Epstein — architect of the team’s World Series championships in 2004 and 2007 — to take part in the Fenway Park 100th anniversary ceremonies Friday, according to a report on A team source told Boston sports radio station WEEI that Epstein was invited to Fenway for Friday’s game, but was not invited to take part in the ceremonies. Another source said Epstein did not receive that invitation until Thursday afternoon. “Apparently we decided to just invite uniformed personnel,” Red Sox owner John Henry told He said he was unaware Epstein had not been asked to return until a reporter informed him.

You got to give Dr. Creepy credit. Nobody knows less about what is going on with their own team than him. Like anytime something happens like this he’s clueless. “Oh I didn’t realize Theo wasn’t invited. Oh I don’t know who trashed Francona on the way out the door. Oh I didn’t know we hired Bobby Valentine.” And the best part is he’s telling the truth! He is totally out of the loop. The One Eyed Bandit has seized complete and total control of this team. Dr. Creepy isn’t even in his inner circle. Baseball decisions, business decisions, 100th anniversary decisions, pitching changes. All those decisions are made by the One Eyed Bandit. Anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot. It’s the One Eyed Bandit’s world, we’re all just living it in it.

So yeah obviously he didn’t invite Theo. They hate each other. I mean you don’t think it was an accident he sent the invite yesterday afternoon do you?  The old after thought invite.  Such a slap in the face.  The message couldn’t be clearer.  Larry hates Theo. He thinks Theo got all the credit for winning 2 World Series titles when Theo was just his waterboy. No chance he is inviting him back to get a standing ovation at Fenway. No fucking chance.

PS – Do you think Larry puts Linda Pizutti on his knee and spanks her a couple times a week just as a show of power? I do.

Double PS – If Theo didn’t get invited until yesterday do you think there is a chance my invitation comes in the today’s mail?