(Newser) – The Miami man shot dead as he chewed off another man’s face has been identified as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene. He had a criminal record but nothing on the scale of Sunday’s crazed attack, the Miami Herald finds. He was arrested on a battery charge when he was 16, and was busted seven other times between 2004 and 2009 for charges including vending near a school, trespassing, and marijuana-related offenses. He was married for more than a year to a woman who says he became increasingly violent with her. Eugene’s victim, who lost most of his face in the attack, is fighting for his life in a local hospital, and police still aren’t sure what prompted the horrific attack. They believe it could have been cocaine psychosis or an overdose of “bath salts,” a synthetic drug one police spokesman likens to a potent new kind of LSD.

So everybody has already blogged this story. The story about the bro who was just eating another bro’s face off in florida. Got shot and killed by the cops when the cops told him to stop eating the other guys face and he just growled at them and kept eating his face. I wasn’t gonna blog it because all the blogs on the network already did. But then I saw the picture of the victim. Both KFC and Kmarko being like “warning it’s real graphic, but probably fake, blah, balh, blah.” Gee guys you think this picture is fake? You think so? Real Sherlock Holmes I got working for us huh? Listen that’s the fakest “face eaten by another guy’s face” I’ve ever seen in my life. ZERO chance this is real. It’s not even that gross. It looks like a prop from a John Gulager movie (I will never stop patting myself on the back for this reference) or something. Trust me if a guy gets his face eaten by another guy and you see the picture you’re puke all over the place. Not gonna be some candyland fairy shit like this.