Congrats to this months Pimped winner.   Peter.   Bro just won himself a makeover at Miltons.    Hey Pete send us an email to and we’ll start you on the path of redemtion.  Do you know any bros who need to have their look pimped?  Send them to
This Month’s Milton’s Winner

Reader Email
Dear Pres,
Before I go in and bash on my friend Peter here, I just want it to be known that the kid is like a brother to me and this is for his own good. Having said that, Peter needs major help and he needs it yesterday. Seriously El Pres the bro is just lost. I think the last time i saw him wear shorts that didn’t have a stretch waste band was summer of 09. Peter is a freshman at Northeastern this year and will most likely be your doctor in a couple years. From his Rick Nash Blue Jackets Tee to rocking a bauer sweatshirt and gym shorts to abbey road! His style is just wacky. The worst part is he thinks his style is on point.
Now I know you can take the kid out of the Jimi Hendrix shirt but you can’t take the Jimi Hendrix shirt out of the kid but we just want the kid to have a shot in life outside the bio lab. Hopefully you can help him out seeing as he is new to the Boston life style.
P.S.- His choice in jeans has created the nickname peter pants because they always seem a tad too short.
P.P.S.- Maybe you could throw in a waxing the kids had back hair since 2nd grade.