YahooPer reports from ABC-4 in Salt Lake City, the Deseret News and, video from a recent match between the two schools surfaced belatedly showing East High senior Petiola Manu kneeing Woods Cross High’s Makenzie Clark in the face during a dead ball period in the contest. “I just see my baby out there,” Makenzie’s mother Susie Clark told ABC-4. “It makes me sick to my stomach. It was a dead ball. It was after the fact. It was after the play was over. It was a brutal, dirty shot.” According to ABC-4, Clark tore a ligament in her ankle and had to be carried off the field following the play, leaving her helpless when Manu decided to unleash a vicious knee to the face of the Woods Cross player that didn’t even draw a yellow or red card.


Without knowing anything about these two girls beyond what I watched I would pretty much bet my life that Manu is ugly and Mackenzie is a smoke and that’s why this went down like this.   Ugly girls named Manu hate pretty girls named Mackenzie.  That’s not me talking.  That’s a knee to the head talking.  That’s science talking.