So the First Lady sent me an email today telling me Rue La La was having a sale on Tommy Bahama shit.  (Not to be confused with Shoe La La)  Cue all the assholes who don’t know anything about chicks being like ”hey Pres you’re freaking gay for knowing what Rue La La is”.  Give me a break bro.   I’m not going to apologize for being a triple threat.  Media, fashion and smut mogul.   Anyway they just do these massive sales on high end stuff and chicks literally dyke out over it and shit.

Anyway long story short she sends me the link today since she knows I like Tommy Bahama and boom I see this watch staring me in the face.    I literally couldn’t buy it fast enough.   Well I get home and First Lady asks me if I bought anything.  I show her the watch and she says it’s fucking disgusting.  Just like that.   Just right in my grillmix.    You crazy woman?   If you don’t think this watch is fire than you just don’t know me and you just don’t know fashion.  Shit is sick as fuck end of story.  Seriously how much would the Stoolies pay for this watch?

Vote 1 for 10 bucks or less and 10 for there is no price tag for the amount of pussy I’m about to pull assuming I wasn’t married

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